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Allegro Venture Partners

Our Approach

Allegro brings 20 years of experience investing in seed and early-stage technology to bear. We are typically the first institutional money into a company – either with or immediately after the friends-and-family round. We continue to back our companies, following through the life of the company.

Over the past 10 years of investing, our portfolio has included such companies as Bazaarvoice, Tripwire Security Systems, Switchfly (formerly EzRez), OrderGroove, Experience Project, and Coremetrics.

For early-stage companies, it is vital to make the distinction between a compelling vision and a sound strategic plan. Too often, companies take on a large tranche of capital in the early stage, forcing the company to grow before the business model is really set. We work with our companies to build the sound plan to ensure our companies can then truly benefit from later-stage capital designed to fuel growth.

A key component of our approach is to perform a “360 due diligence.” Given the inherent uncertainties in launching new businesses, improving the likelihood of success requires bringing more than just money to the table. We invest in companies where we feel we have the right set of contacts and/or skills to fill in the gaps needed to help company reach the growth stage.

We bring substantial personal entrepreneurial experience coupled with Fortune 500 best practices to ensure our companies receive the strategic and operational support necessary to succeed.

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