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SALT Technology, Inc. Announces Vicinity, the first checkout experience that enables secure payments using credit cards linked to your nearby mobile device


Vicinity is capable of recognizing when customers and their mobile device are near a Vicinity-enabled online payment or checkout experience. When the customers’ mobile phone is in the vicinity of the online shopping session, for example on a tablet or PC, Vicinity is presented as a payment option. The customer inserts their PIN and the purchase is completed. There is no requirement for the consumer to remember a login and password or to use a time consuming and cumbersome guest-checkout experience. More secure than typical online shopping sessions, Vicinity uses multi-factor authentication of customers including the customers PIN, mobile phone and location as factors. Secure storage of customer credentials is managed in SALTs PCI compliant cloud infrastructure.

“With Vicinity completing a transaction is as easy as entering 1-2-3. SALT’s focus has been to create and process simple and secure payment experiences for customers. Vicinity builds on what we originally launched with our patented OneTouch mobile payment technology,” says Brian Bogosian, CEO of SALT. “For merchants, Vicinity provides a new way to simplify payment experiences for customers and to increase sales conversions. With our analytics capabilities, Merchants will also have the power to retarget customers across any form-factor in situations where purchases are abandoned, giving them additional opportunity to convert sales. Vicinity can be integrated across any payment gateway or processor.”

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